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A Course Of Mathematical Analysis | A. Ya. Khinchin

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A Course Of Mathematical Analysis
Original Title A Course Of Mathematical Analysis
Author A. Ya. Khinchin
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Topics mathematics, soviet, analysis, functions, limits, real numbers, continuous functions, derivatives, differentials, mean value theorems, integration, primitives, applications of integrals, approximate evaluation of integrals, infinite series, power series, implicit functions, double integrals, triple integrals, surface integrals
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This course of mathematical analysis is a text-book for students of mechanico-mathematicaland physico-mathematical faculties ofour universities (and to some extent of pedagogical institutes as well) , it is intended as the main text-book in the study of a science which appears in the curriculum under the heading of mathematical analysis and which deals with the theory of limits, infinite series and differential calculus with simple applications of these subjects.
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