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Challenging Mathematical Problems With Elementary Solutions Vol. 1 | A. M. Yaglom, I. M. Yaglom

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Challenging Mathematical Problems With Elementary Solutions Vol. 1
Original Title Challenging Mathematical Problems With Elementary Solutions Vol. 1
Author A. M. Yaglom, I. M. Yaglom
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Topics mathematics, problem book, soviet, chessboard problems, combinatorial problems, probability theory, combinatorial analysis, binomial coefficients, problems and solutions, problems of many possible outcomes, geometric problems, representation of integers as sums and products
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This book is the first of a two-volume translation and adaptation of a well-known Russian problem book entitled Non-Elementary Problems in an Elementary Exposition The first part of the original, Problems on Combinatorial Analysis and Probability Theory, appears as Volume I, and the second part, Problems from Various Branches of Mathematics, as Volume II. The authors, Akiva and Isaak Yaglom, are twin brothers, prominent both as mathematicians and as expositors, whose many excel­ lent books have been exercising considerable influence on mathematics education in the Soviet Union.
This adaptation is designed for mathematics enthusiasts in the upper grades of high school and the early years of college, for mathematics instructors or teachers and for students in teachers’ colleges, and for all lovers of the discipline, it can also be used in problem seminars and mathematics clubs. Some of the problems in the book were originally discussed in sections of the School Mathematics Circle (for secondary school students) at Moscow State University, others were given at Moscow Mathematical Olympiads, the mass problem-solving contests held annually for mathematically gifted secondary school students.
The chief aim of the book is to acquaint the reader with a variety of new mathematical facts, ideas, and methods. The form of a problem book has been chosen to stimulate active, creative work on the materials presented.
The first volume contains 100 problems and detailed solutions to them. Although the problems differ greatly in formulation and method of solution, they all deal with a single branch of mathematics: combina­ torial analysis. While little or no work on this subject is done in American high schools, no knowledge of mathematics beyond what is imparted in a good high school course is required for this book. The authors have tried to outline the elementary methods of combinatorial analysis with some completeness, however. Occasionally, when needed, additional explanation is given before the statement of a problem.
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