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Daniel Boone, pioneer of Kentucky

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Daniel Boone, pioneer of Kentucky
Original Title Daniel Boone, pioneer of Kentucky
Author Abbott, John S. C. (John Stevens Cabot), 1805-1877
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Topics Biography, Boone, Daniel, 1734-1820
Publisher New York : Dodd, Mead
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Discovery of the New World. — Of Florida. — Conquest and cruelties of DeSoto. — The Wigwam. — Colony at St. Mary. Sit Walter Raleigh and his Colonies. — Grant of King James. — Settlements in the Virginia. — Adventures of John Smith. — Arrival of Loud Delaware. — Terrible massacres. — Pressures of Colonists to the West — Doherty Trade with Indians — Attempted Colony on the Tennessee. — Daniel Boone 9
Trials of the Colonists. — George Boone and his home. — Squire Boone. — Birth and character of Daniel Boone. — His limited education. — A pioneer’s camp. — A log house and furnishings. — Annoyance of Boone on the arrival of Scotch emigrants. — His longings for adventure. — Camp meetings — Frontier life. — Sports. — Squirrel hunting. — Snuffing the candle 36
Louisiana, and its eventful history. — The expedition of DeSoto — The Missionary Marquette. — His voyage on the Upper Mississippi. — The Expedition of La Salle. — Michilimackinac. — Its History. — Fate of the M Griffin.” — Grief of La Salle. — His voyage of Discovery — Sale of Louisiana to the United State. — Remarks of Napoleon. 74
John Finley and hie adventure — Aspect of the Country Boone’s Private Character. — His Love for the Wilderness. First view of Kentucky. — Emigrants’ Dress. — Hunter’s Home. — Capture of Boone and Stewart by the Indians Their Escape. — Singular Incident 96
Alleghany Ridges. — Voyage in a canoe. — Speech of Logan. — Battle at the Kanawha. — Narrative of Francis Marion Important commission of Boone. — Council at Circleville Treaty of Peace. — Imlay’s description of Kentucky. — Settlement right — Richard Henderson. — Boone’s letter. — Fort at Boonesborough 100
Emigration to Boonesborough. — New Perils. — Transylvania Company. — Beneficence of its Laws. — Interesting incident — Infamous conduct of Great Britain. — Attack on the Fort — Reinforcements. — Simon Kenton and his Sufferings. — Mrs. Harvey. 150
Stewart killed by the Indians. — Squire Boone returns to the Settlements. — Solitary Life of Daniel Boone. — Return of Squire Boone. — Extended and Romantic Explorations. — Charms and Perils of the Wilderness. — The Emigrant Party. — The Fatal Ambuscade. — Retreat of the Emigrants. — Solitude of the Wilderness. — Expedition of Lewis and Clarke. — Extraordinary Adventures of Cotter 151
Heroism of Thomas Higgins and of Mrs. Pursley. — Affairs at Boonesborough. — Continued Alarms. — Need of Salt. — Its Manufacture. — Indian Schemes. — Capture of Boone and twenty-seven men. — Dilemma of the British at Detroit — Blackish adopts Colonel Boone — Adoption Ceremony — Indian Designs — Escape of Boone — Attacks the Savages. — The Fort Threatened. 192
Mituation of the Fort. — Indian Treachery. — Bombardment. — Boone goes to North Carolina. — New Trials. — Boone Robbed. — He returns to Kentucky. — Massacre of Colonel Rogers. — Adventure of Col. Bowman. — New Attack by the British and Indians. — Retaliatory Measures. — Wonderful Exploit 209
Death of Squire Boone. — Indian Outrages. — Gerty and McGee. — Battle of Blue Lick. — Death of Isaac Boone. — Colonel Boone’s Narrow Escape. — Letter of Daniel Boone. — Determination of General Clarke. — Discouragement of the Savages. — Amusing Anecdote of Daniel Boone 230
Peace with England. — Order of a Kentucky Court — Anecdotes. Speech of Mr. Dalton — Reply of Plankashaw — Renewed Indications of Indian Hostility. — Conventions at Danville. — Kentucky formed into a State — New Trials for Boone.
The Search for the Horse. — Navigating the Ohio. — Heroism of Mrs. Rowan. — Lawless Gangs. — Exchange of Prisoners. — Boone Revisits the Home of his Childhood — The Realms beyond the Mississippi. — Habits of the Hunters. — Corn — Boone’s Journey to the West
Colons! Boone welcomed by the Spanish Authorities. — Boones Narrative to Audubon. — The Midnight Attack. — Pursuit of the garages. — Sickness in the Wilderness. — Honesty of Colonel Boone. — Payment of his Debts. — Loss of all his Property
Colonel Boone Appeals to Congress. — Complimentary Resolutions of the Legislature of Kentucky. — Death of Mrs. Boone. — Catholic Liberality — Itinerant Preachers. — Grant by Congress to Colonel Boone. — The Evening of his Days — Personal Appearance. — Death and Burial. — Transference in the Remains of Mr. and Mrs. Boone to Franc fort, Kentucky

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Originally published in 1872

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