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Design of system on a chip : devices & components

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Design of system on a chip : devices &amp, components
Original Title Design of system on a chip : devices &amp, components
Author Reis, Ricardo A. L. (Ricardo Augusto da Luz), Jess, Jochen
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Topics Integrated circuits, Systems on a chip
Publisher Boston : Kluwer Academic Publishers
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Design of System on a Chip: Devices &amp, Components
Author: Ricardo Reis, Jochen A. G. Jess
Published by Springer US
ISBN: 978-1-4020-7928-3
DOI: 10.1007/b116432

Table of Contents:

  • Design of Systems on a Chip: Introduction
  • BJT Modeling with VBIC
  • A MOS Transistor Model for Mixed Analog-digital Circuit Design and Simulation
  • Efficient Statistical Modeling for Circuit Simulation
  • Retargetable Application-driven Analog-digital Block Design
  • Robust Low Voltage Low Power Analog Mos VLSI Design
  • Ultralow-Voltage Memory Circuits
  • Low-voltage Low-power High-speed I/O Buffers
  • Microelectronics toward 2010

Includes bibliographical references and index

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