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Designing personalized user experiences in eCommerce

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Designing personalized user experiences in eCommerce
Original Title Designing personalized user experiences in eCommerce
Author Karat, Clare-Marie, Blom, Jan O, Karat, John
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Topics Human-computer interaction, Electronic commerce
Publisher Dordrecht , Boston : Kluwer Academic
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Language English
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Designing Personalized User Experiences in eCommerce
Author: Clare-Marie Karat, Jan O. Blom, John Karat
Published by Springer Netherlands
ISBN: 978-1-4020-2147-3
DOI: 10.1007/1-4020-2148-8

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction and Overview
  • Personalizing Interaction
  • Towards Psychological Customization of Information for Individuals and Social Groups
  • Personalisation and Trust: A Reciprocal Relationship?
  • I Didn’t buy It for Myself
  • An Information Architecture Perspective on Personalization
  • E-Commerce Personalization and Real-Time Site Monitoring
  • Personalized Electronic Banking Services
  • Personalized Ubiquitous Commerce: An Application Perspective
  • Self-Service, Personalization and Electronic Governmen
  • Creating an E-Commerce Environment Where Consumers Are Willing to Share Personal Information
  • Buyer Behavior in Personalized Shopping Environments
  • Supporting Travel Decision Making Through Personalized Recommendation
  • Improving Collaborative Recommender Systems by Means of User Profiles
  • Personalized Presentation of Policies and Processes
  • Recommending as Personalized Teaching
  • Impacts of User Privacy Preferences on Personalized Systems
  • Challenges for User-Centric Personalization Research

Includes bibliographical references

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