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Developing basic space science world-wide : a decade of UN/ESA workshops

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Developing basic space science world-wide : a decade of UN/ESA workshops
Original Title Developing basic space science world-wide : a decade of UN/ESA workshops
Author Wamsteker, W. (Willem), Albrecht, R. (Rudolf), Haubold, H. J
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Topics United Nations/European Space Agency Workshop on Basic Space Science, Space sciences, Space astronomy, Astrophysics
Publisher Dordrecht , Boston : Kluwer Academic Publishers
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Developing Basic Space Science World-Wide: A Decade of UN/ESA Workshops
Author: Willem Wamsteker, Rudolf Albrecht, Hans J. Haubold
Published by Springer Netherlands
ISBN: 978-1-4020-1681-3
DOI: 10.1007/1-4020-2519-X

Table of Contents:

  • The UN/ESA Workshops on Basic Space Science in the Developing Countries
  • The International Astronomical Union
  • The International Astronomical Union: Historial Perspective
  • Astronomy Around the World
  • Research and Education in Basic Space Science
  • Indian Space Programme
  • Astronomy in the Philippines
  • The Present Status of Astronomy in Sri Lanka
  • A Short History of Astronomy in Indonesia
  • Space Astronomy in China
  • Astronomy in Korea
  • The Astronomical Observatory of Honduras: A Project of International Cooperation
  • The Gem Project: An International Collaboration to Survey Galactic Radiation Emission
  • The Galactic Emission Mapping (GEM) Project: Summary and Results
  • A Centre of Astronomy for Paraguay: A Quest for a Moderate-Sized Telescope
  • The Uruguayan Automated and Robotic Telescope “BUSCA”
  • Astronomy at the Universidad de Sonora
  • Space Sciences in Latin America
  • Astronomy in South Africa
  • The Southern African Large Telescope (SALT): A 10 Metre Class Spectroscopic Survey Telescope

Includes index

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