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Electricity And Man | V. Manoilov

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Electricity And Man
Original Title Electricity And Man
Author V. Manoilov
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Topics physics, science, medical, biophysics, electrodynamics, electric injury, voltage, current, trauma, marat, history, electricity, human, interaction, medical instruments, electrocardiogram, marat, conductivity, conductors, mir publishers, moscow
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About the book 

“… Life on Earth originated and developed in
interaction with electromagnetic
fields. Electricity is
inherent in the living in its most complicated form – the
vital activity of man. Scientists have done much in
studying this amazing interaction of electricity and the
animate but much in nature is still concealed, much
must be analyzed and understood. Th
is book will help
to widen the reader’s understanding of the interaction
of electricity and the living organism, although it makes
no claim to exhaust the subject … ”

The book was translated from the Russian by George Kittell and was published by Mir in 1978

To the English Reader 7 
By Way of Preface 8
Chapter One Electrophysics of Inanimate Nature 11
1. Motion, Motion, Motion… 11
2. Electric Conduction in Metals 13
3. Electrical Resistance of Solutions 18
4. Neither Conductor nor Insulator 19
5. Semiconductors with Impurity Conduction 22
6. Organic Semiconductors 27
Chapter Two Electrophysics of the Living Organism 35
1. Amazing Electrical Conductivity 35
2. Significance of Changes in the Electrical Properties of the Living Organism 42
3. Examples and Evidence 45
Chapter Three Physical Properties of the Biosphere 53 
1. Electricity Round Us  53
2. Where is Magnetism and Where are the Magnetic Fields ? 57
3. Magnetic Storms and Man 60
4. Electricity and the Ratiobiosphere 66
Chapter Four Items from the Prehistory of the Use of Electricity in Medicine 74
1. First Discoveries 74 
2. An Important Investigation 76 
3. The Prize Awarded to Marat 78 
4. Dispute between Galvani and Volta 81 
5. V.V. Petrov’s Experiment The Beginning of Electrodynamics 85 
6. Use of Electricity in Medicine and Biology in the 19th Century 89
Chapter Five The Physician’s Electric Assistant  93
1. The Origin of Biological Currents 93 
2. The Electrocardiogram 96 
3. The Electrocardiograph 101 
4. Remote Diagnosis 104 
5. Taking Medicine Without Powders or Pills 112
Chapter Six In What Way is Electricity Dangerous ? 118
1. Events in Vasilevsky Island, St. Petersburg118
2. Electric Trauma and Some Statistics121
3. Temporary Wiring123
4. A “Horse Accident” 125
5. Examples of Electric Trauma 126
6. Is a Low Voltage Dangerous ? 131
7. One Hundred and TenkV Power Transmission Line in the City, and the Electric Safety of
Medical Instruments 134
Chapter Seven Biophysics of Electric Injury 139
1. Fundamentals for Study 139
2. The Dispute Continues 141
3. Man—a Self-regulating System 144
4. Something Unexpected 146
5. Danger! 149
6. Electricity Kills Animals as well as People 152
Bibliography 156
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