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Geochemistry for Everyone | Alexander E. Fersman

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Geochemistry for Everyone
Original Title Geochemistry for Everyone
Author Alexander E. Fersman
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Topics geochemistry, popular science, geology,
Publisher Foreign Languages Publishing House
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Language English
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This book is neither a fascinating novel nor a scientific treatise. It is built according to a special plan. One after another its four parts pass from general problems of physics and chemistry to problems of geochemistry and its future. The reader who is not well versed in the fundamentals of these sciences must read this book slowly and carefully and, perhaps, even reread the difficult pages or those that are of special interest to him. But if the reader knows physics and chemistry he may skip separate parts of the book which deal with problems familiar to him, the author has endeavoured to make each essay complete and as far as possible independent of the other parts.The book is also of value to those who wish to get a deeper insight in to chemistry or geology. Students will find it very useful to read separate chapters while studying a general course of chemistry because each of these chapters may in large measure illustrate some particularly dry pages in the textbook of chemistry.
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