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History Of The Ancient World | F. Korovkin

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History Of The Ancient World
Original Title History Of The Ancient World
Author F. Korovkin
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Topics history, ancient history, indian history, greek history, roman history, rome, civilizations, persia, roman empire, egyptian history, mesopotamia, chinese history, cradle of civilization, progress publishers, soviet
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 Fyodor Korovkin is a Doctor of History. His textbook, History of the Anamt World, was awarded the USSR State Prize in 1973 and has run into over twenty editions.
It provides information on the history of the ancient states in Me­ sopotam ia, Egypt, India, and China.
The book includes the history of ancient Greece and Rome up to the fall of the Western Roman Empire in the 5th century AD.
Several chapters deal with reli­ gious views, art, and culture of the peoples of the ancient world.
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