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Human Diseases With Natural Foci | Y. N. Pavlovsky

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Human Diseases With Natural Foci
Original Title Human Diseases With Natural Foci
Author Y. N. Pavlovsky
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Topics health, disease, medicine, soviet, human disease, epidemiology
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 This book contains an outline of the basic concepts of the theory of human diseases with natural foci, with a detailed summary of contemporary data on tick borne encephalitis, Siberian tick typhus, tick borne relapsing fever, leptospiroses, tularemia, and leishmaniases Field and laboratory research techniques, as well as methods of prevention and control, are described.
The book is intended as a manual for epi demiologists, microbiologists, virologists, parasitologists, physicians emplojed at anti-epidemic stations, medical arachno-entomologists, and teachers at medical institutes
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