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Man And Nature | E. Fedorov

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Man And Nature
Original Title Man And Nature
Author E. Fedorov
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Topics progress publishers, soviet, books, progress, development, nature, population explosion, resources, earth, civilization, war, society, environment, ecology, science, ecological crisis
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About the book
The book discusses the problem of 
About the Author
 Academician Evgeni K. Fedorov, member of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, an outstanding Soviet scientist and public figure, author of several books and a large number of articles on various problems of geophysics and meteorology, has for many years been concerned with the problem of interaction between man and nature.
As a staff researcher at the Arctic Institute in Leningrad, he took part in the first Soviet expedition to the North Pole led by Ivan Papanin (1937-1938), and in many other Arctic expeditions. Fedorov continued his scientific work in the Hydrometeorological Service of the USSR, held a post at the Geophysics Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, headed the Chief Administration of the Hydrometeorological Service under the Council of Ministers of the USSR, and now heads the Institute of Applied Geophysics of the State Committee of the USSR on Hydrometeorology and Control of Natural Environment. His scientific work and public activities are well known in the USSR and other countries. From 1963 to 1971, Fedorov was Vice-President of the World Meteorological Association and later a member of its Joint Organizing Committee.
Together with other Soviet experts, Fedorov represented the USSR at the talks on the prohibition of nuclear weapons tests and environmental modification for military purposes. At present he is Vice-President of the World Council of Peace and Chairman of the Soviet Peace Committee.
The book was translated from the Russian by Sergei Chulaki and was published by Progress in 1980.
Preface by the Author. 5 
Introduction 6
CHAPTER ONE. The Limits of the Possible 21
The Population Explosion and Population Control 21 
Resources 30 
The Natural Environment 47 
The Volume of the Earth 61
CHAPTER TWO. From Irrational to Optimal Interaction Between Man and Nature 66 
The Roots of the Irrational 66 
The Danger of War 78 
The Road to Optimization 88
CHAPTER-THREE. From Spontaneously Developing to Consciously Directed Civilization 107 
Humans Shape Nature 107 
The Shaping of Society 130 
Towards a Consciously Directed Civilization 151
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