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Method of Coordinates (Little Mathematics Library) | A. S. Smogorzhevsky

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Method of Coordinates (Little Mathematics Library)
Original Title Method of Coordinates (Little Mathematics Library)
Author A. S. Smogorzhevsky
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Topics little mathematics library, mathematics, mir publishers, coordinates, figures by equations, geometrical problems, straight lines.
Publisher Mir Publishers
Collection mir-titles, additional_collections
Contributor Mirtitles
Language English
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The booklet deals with a fundamental method of analytical geometry and its ability to describe geometrical figures through equations. This method permits geometrical study and solution of geometrical problems by algebraic means, thus making a visual representation of complex spatial
configurations superfluous. Considerable attention has been devoted to the question of representing geometrical figures through equations, which is often difficult for those who
being to study the method of coordinates. Detailed examples have been given to illustrate the
application of the method. The booklet is intended for senior school children and all those interested in mathematics.
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