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One Hundred Problems In Elementary Mathematics | Hugo Steinhaus

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One Hundred Problems In Elementary Mathematics
Original Title One Hundred Problems In Elementary Mathematics
Author Hugo Steinhaus
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Topics mathematics, polish, problem book, elementary, solutions, numbers, equations, inequalities, polygons, circles, points, ellipses, polyhedra, spheres, practical, non-practical, chess, volleyball, pursuit, dr. abracadabracus
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This booklet is an answer to a challenge: a few years after the war the inadequacy of mathematical education in our high schools became evident to the staffs of universities and technological insti­ tutes. Some responsible people felt that a closer collaboration between mathematicians and school teachers could no longer be postponed. A few scientists were among those who did their best to stimulate interest in mathematics by means of elementary problems published in an educational journal. Here the reader will find one hundred elementary problems and their solutions. Some of them are familiar to students in high schools, but it was by no means my intention to provide the teacher with questions he could find in every textbook.

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