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Plasma Physics | B. B. Kadomtsev

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Plasma Physics
 | B. B. Kadomtsev
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Plasma Physics

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Author: B. B. Kadomtsev

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Added Date: 2018-04-22

Language: English

Subjects: physics, plasma, resonance, cyclotron, electron temperature, measurements, langmuir solitons, solitary waves, vortex, nonuniform plasma, helical equilibria, helical instabilities, helical modes, tokamak, hydromagnetic instability, toroidal plasma, kink instability

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Plasma Physics
 | B. B. Kadomtsev

May 20, 2022

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Plasma Physics
 | B. B. Kadomtsev

May 20, 2022

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Plasma Physics
 | B. B. Kadomtsev
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 | B. B. Kadomtsev
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 | B. B. Kadomtsev
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 | B. B. Kadomtsev
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 | B. B. Kadomtsev
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 | B. B. Kadomtsev
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 | B. B. Kadomtsev
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 | B. B. Kadomtsev
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In this post, we will see the book Plasma Physics edited by B. B. Kadomtsev.

About the book

This collection contains articles both original and already published in the Soviet Union in 1979-80, written by well-known Soviet scientists and devoted to the most important findings and achievements of research into the fundamental problems of plasma physics and controlled thermonuclear synthesis. The book is intended for researchers and specialists in the fields of plasma physics and thermonuclear reactions, and for anyone interested in the achievements of the Soviet Union in these areas.

The book was translated from the Russian by Oleg Glebov and was first published by Mir in 1981. 

PDF | OCR | Bookmarked | Cover | 10.2 MB | 194 pp. | 300 dpi (upscaled to 600 dpi)


Title Page 5
Contents 7
Preface 11

1. Evolution of Equilibrium of Toroidal Plasma 15
1.1 General Statement of the Problem 15
1.2. Evolution Equations 21
1.3. Cylindrical Plasma Column with Circular Cross Section 31
1.4. Evolution of High-Pressure Toroidal Configurations 36
1.5. Methods for Solving the Evolution Problems 40
1.6. Mixing of Plasma Columns 51
1.7. Combination of the Evolution Problems with Simulation of the Transport Processes 53
Conclusions 55
Appendix 56
References 62

2. Some Problems of Hydromagnetic Instability of Plasma 64
Introduction 64
2.1. Kink Instability of the Toroidal Plasma Column 64
2.2. Kink Instability of Non ideally Conducting Plasma 70
2.3. Influence of the Ballooning Effects on the Plasma Stability (Flute Oscillations) 76
2.4. Thresholdless Dissipative Ballooning Modes 84
Conclusion 87
Appendix 87
References 92

3. Helical Equilibria and Helical Instabilities of Current-Carrying Plasmas 93
Introduction 93
3.1. Helical Equilibria of the Plasma Column with the Uniform Current Distribution 95
3.2. Forces Determining the Equilibrium of the Plasma Column with the Helical Symmetry 102
3.3. The Link Between the Equilibrium Theory and the Theory of Stability of the Helical Modes. The Necessary Condition of Stability 106
3.4. Resistive Helical Modes in the Current-Carrying Plasma 110
3.5. Nonlinear Stabilization of the Helical Instabilities of the Ideally Conducting Plasma 113
3.6. Disruptive Instability in Tokamak 115
Conclusion 118
Appendix 3.1 118
References 123

4. Solitary Waves and Vortexes in Plasma 125
Introduction 125
4.1. Multidimensional KdV Equation 127
4.2. Stability of Multidimensional Solitons and the Langmuir Solution 130
4.3. Simplified Equation for Langmuir Waves in Magnetic Fields 134
4.4. Solitons of the Electromagnetic Waves with Ordinary Polarization 136
4.5. Two-Dimensional Langmuir Solitons in the Strong Magnetic Field Without Density Well 138
4.6. Solitary Vortex in Nonuniform Plasma 142
References 144

5. Observation of Langmuir Solitons 146
Introduction 146
5.1. Langmuir Solitons (Review of Theoretical Results) 147
5.2. Langmuir Solitons(Experimental) 150
5.3 Comparison of Theoretical Predictions with Experimental Results 164
5.4 The Oblique Langmuir Solitons 167
Conclusion 176
References 176

6. Measurement of the Electron Temperature and the Plasma Density from Cyclotron Absorption in Open Traps 178
Introduction 178
6.1. Resonance Absorption ofOsclllations with \omega \approx \omega_e 180
6.1.1. Resonance cyclotron interaction in nonuniform magnetic field 180
6.1.2. The absorption coefficient 181
6.2. Resonance Absorption of Oscillations with \omega \approx n\omega_{e0}0 (n \geq 2) 185
6.3. Diagnostic Techniques Based on the ECR 189
6.3.1 Determination of the ecr line profile in the vicinity of the extremums of the cyclotron frequency 189
6.3.2 Measurements of the position of the absorption coefficient maximum 190
6.3.3 Measurements of the absorption coefficient at the frequencies \omega > \omega_{e0} 190
6.3. 4. Experimental applications 191
References 192
Back Cover 194

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