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Plotting Graphs (Little Mathematics Library) | G. E. Shilov

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Plotting Graphs (Little Mathematics Library)
Original Title Plotting Graphs (Little Mathematics Library)
Author G. E. Shilov
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Topics mathematics, little mathematics library, mir publishers, plotting, graphs, functions, numbers, axes, coordinates, formula, algebra
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In this booklet we shall consider some simple methods of plotting graphs from given formulas.

We shall be dealing here with graphs of a different kind, with graphs that must be plotted from given mathematical formulas. A need for such graphs often arises in various fields of knowledge. Thus, in analysing the theoretical course of some physical process, a scientist obtains a formula yielding some magnitude with which he is concerned, for example, the amount of product obtained relative to time. The graph plotted from this formula will provide a clear picture of the future process. Looking at it, the scientist may possibly introduce substantial changes into the scheme of his experiment in order to obtain better results.

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