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Problems In Plane Geometry ( Science For Everyone) | I. F. Sharygin

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Problems In Plane Geometry ( Science For Everyone)
Original Title Problems In Plane Geometry ( Science For Everyone)
Author I. F. Sharygin
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In the preface Sharygin says:

This volume contains over 600 problems in plane geometry
and consists of two parts. The first part contains rather simple
problems to be solved in classes and at home. The second part also
contains hints and detailed solutions. Over 200 new problems have been
added to the 1982 edition, the simpler problems in the first addition
having been eliminated, and a number of new sections- (circles and
tangents, polygons, combinations of figures, etc.) having been
introduced, The general structure of the book has been changed somewhat
accord with the new, more detailed, classification of the problems. As a
result, all the problems in this volume have been rearranged.

From the back cover of the book:

This is a translation from the revised edition of the
Russian book which was issued in 1982. It is actually the first in a
two-volume work on solving problems in geometry, the second volume
“Problems in Solid Geometry” having been published in English first by
Mir Publishers in 1986. Both volumes are designed for schoolchildren and

This is a unique collection of interesting and elegant problems
presenting the subject in a manner comprehensible to a youthful mind
making it both interesting and usefulthrough a wide range of practical
applications. Although the problems in this collection vary in “age”
(some of them can be found in old books and journals, others were
offered at mathematical olympiads or published in the journal “Quant”
(Moscow, we still hope that some of the problems in the collection will
be of interest to experienced geometers.

Almost every problem is non-standard (as compared with routine
exercises on solving equations, inequalities, etc.): one has to think of
what additional constructions must be made, or which formulas and
theorems must be used. Therefore, this collection cannot be regarded as a
problem hook in geometry, it is rather a collection of geometrical
puzzles aimed at demonstrating the elegance of elementary geometrical
techniques of proof and methods of computation (without using vector
algebra and with a minimal use of the method of coordinates, geometrical
transformations, though a somewhat wider use of trigonometry).

The book was translated from the Russian by Leonid Levant and was first published by Mir in 1988.

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