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Radar Made Easy | M. Razamkhnin

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Radar Made Easy
Original Title Radar Made Easy
Author M. Razamkhnin
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Topics science, radar, astronomy, radio, waves, electromagnetic, receivers
Publisher Mir Publishers
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Contributor Mirtitles
Language English
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Material Type Book
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In this booklet based mostly on Soviet and foreign periodicals
the reader will find a story of radar. It tells, in a simple and informal manner, what radar is, what it does, and how, and why is it that radar has come to playa leading role in the present-day world. The booklet uses not a single mathematical formula, where necessary, pictures come to the readerâs help.

The booklet has been written for a layman interested to know how and where radio and electronics serve man. From it, the reader will learn quite a number of facts, sometimes unexpected, about the capabilities of radar.

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