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Steam Boilers Of Thermal Power Stations | M. I. Reznikov, Yu. M. Lipov

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Steam Boilers Of Thermal Power Stations
Original Title Steam Boilers Of Thermal Power Stations
Author M. I. Reznikov, Yu. M. Lipov
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Topics engineering, steam generation, electric power stations, fuels, fuel preparation, combustion, theory, combustion products, coal fired furnaces, furnaces, working fluid, hydrodynamics, bubbling systems, impurities, physio-chemical behavior, water, evaporation, temperature, control, operations, nuclear power plants, materials, mir books, mir publishers
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 This textbook has been written as a highor-cducntion course in steam boil ers for thermal power stations. It presents the theory of the processes which occur in steam boilers, designs of boilers for thermal power stations and steam generators for nuclear power stations, and the operating principles of boilers and steam generators.
The material in the book is based on four fundamental principles which are closely interrelated nnd reflect the current stale of progress in science and technology: (1) the physico-chemi­ cal processes in the fuel, gas-air, and water-steam paLhs of modern high- capacity boilers, (2) the correlation between these physico-chemical pro­ cesses and the design, layout and arrangement of steam boilers and their elements, (3) advanced technological processes and their technical and eco­ nomical substantiation, and (4) the correlation between the processes oc­ curring in boilers and the principles of boiler operation. This mothod of analysis encourages the optimal selec­tion of technological processes, boiler
designs, and operating regimes.
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