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The Forces Of Nature | V. Grigoryev, G. Myakishev

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The Forces Of Nature
Original Title The Forces Of Nature
Author V. Grigoryev, G. Myakishev
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Topics physics, science, forces, gravitational force, nuclear force, weak force, electromagnetic forces, unity, history, resonance
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In this post we will see the book The Forces of Nature by V. Grigoryev and G. Myakishev.

About the book:
This book is a popular description of the unity of the forces of nature for the general reader.
At present, all interactions between bodies in nature are thought to be ultimately due to the interaction of elementary particles and involve only four types of forces: universal gravitation, or gravitational forces, electromagnetic forces, nuclear forces and the so- called weak interactions.
This book describes the principal properties of these four types of force and their “sphere of action”, that is, the part they play in diverse natural processes that range from galaxies to the atomic nucleus and the mutual transformations of elementary particles. It includes the latest achievements of physics and gives a picture of the unresolved problems that confront science today.
About the authors: 
The authors of this book are Candidates of Physico- mathematicai sciences Vladimir Grigoryev and Gennady Myakishev. In 1948 they graduated from the Physics Department of Moscow University and completed their graduate studies in 1951. At present both are Associate Professors of the Moscow University Physics Department.
V. Grigoryev has published over twenty papers on problems of quantum field theory and has been particularly interested in particle formation via high- energy collisions. G. Myakishev has written a number of works on electronics and problems of the methodology of science, several elementary numerous textbooks on physics and articles for popular-science magazines.
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