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The Physics Of Rocks | V. Rzhevsky, G. Novik

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The Physics Of Rocks
Original Title The Physics Of Rocks
Author V. Rzhevsky, G. Novik
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Topics geophysics, petrography, mineralogy, physics, rock properties, thermodynamics, acoustic, electromagnetic, electrical, physical properties, radiation properties, rock physics
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This book treats the fundamentals of a new branch of mining sci­ence — rock physics. It defines the subject, the basic trends in rese­arch, and concepts of the physical properties of rock. The mechani­cal, acoustic, thermal, electrical, magnetic, and radiation proper­ties of rocks are discussed in detail, and the effect dn them of external fields (viz. temperature, pressure, moisture, etc.) is ana­lysed. Fundamental problems of the utilization of these properties in mining are also discussed. The concluding chapter attempts to establish the intterrelationships between the physical properties of rocks, and the principles for a classification and certification of rocks according to their physical properties.
The book is designed as a text­ book for mining students but it may be found useful by all who are working or interested in the field of rock physics.
Vladimir Rzhevsky, Corr. Mem. USSR Academy of Sciences, D. Tech. Sc., is Rector of the Moscow Mining Institute and a specialist in the technology mechanization, and automation ot mining and in the physics of rocks. He is the author or editor of many textbooks and other publications in these fields, including works on ultrasonic control and research in mining, and the classification and certification of rocks by their physical properties.
Gottfried Novik, Cand. Tech. Sc., is reader in rock physics at the Moscow Mining Institute. Apart from the investigation of the physical properties of rocks, the main line of his work is the breaking and melting of rock by means of high-frequency currents. He has published around 50 pa­ pers on his research.
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