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The Theory Of Space, Time And Gravitation | V. A. Fock

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The Theory Of Space, Time And Gravitation
Original Title The Theory Of Space, Time And Gravitation
Author V. A. Fock
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Topics physics, general relativity, tensors, tensor analysis, gravitation, law of motion, lorentz transformations, generalised mehcanics, arbitrary coordinates
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The aim of this book is threefold. Firstly, we intended to give a text-book on Relativity Theory and on Einstein’s Theory of Gravitation. Secondly, we wanted to give an exposition of our own researches on these subjects. Thirdly, our aim was to develop a new, non-local, point of view on the theory and to correct a widespread misinterpretation of the Einsteinian Gravitation Theory as some kind of general relativity.
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