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The Universe | A. Oparin, V. Fesenkov, David A. Mishne (translator)

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The Universe
Original Title The Universe
Author A. Oparin, V. Fesenkov, David A. Mishne (translator)
Publication date
Topics astronomy, astrophysics, cosmology, nebulae, stars, solar system, life, planets, structure of the universe, life in universe, life on other planets, origin of solar system
Publisher Foreign Languages Publishing House
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Language English
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Does life exist throughout the Universe and, in particular, on the planets of our solar system? In this book the authors make an attempt to answer this question on the basis of the latest information in natural science. The contents of the book were thoroughly discussed by both authors. The introduction and the concluding chapter were written by the two authors jointly. The first chapter belongs to the pen of A. Oparin, the rest to V. Fesenkov.
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