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The World Is Built On Probability | Lev Tarasov

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The World Is Built On Probability
Original Title The World Is Built On Probability
Author Lev Tarasov
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Topics physics, statistics, probability, laws, natural selection, quantum mechanics, randomness, decisions, statistical testing, self control, feedback, classical physics, entropy, maxwell’s demon, darwin, wave function, causality, evolution, mutation
Publisher Mir Publishers
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This text is divided into two major parts.  The aim of the first part
is to convince the reader that the random world begins directly in his
or her own living room because, in fact, all modern life is based on
probability.  The first part is on the concept of probability and
considers making decisions in conflict situations, optimizing queues,
games, and the control of various processes, and doing random

The second part of this text shows how fundamental chance is in nature
using the probabilistic laws of modern physics and biology as
examples. Elements of quantum mechanics are also involved, and this
allows the author to demonstrate how probabilistic laws are basic to
microscopic phenomena. The idea is that the reader, passing from the
first part of the book to the second one, would see that probability
is not only around us but is at the basis of everything.

The Russian edition ran into 230,000 copies and is sold out.

The book was translated from the Russian by Michael Burov and was
first published by Mir Publishers in 1988.

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