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Thermal Engineering | Ivan Shvets, M. Kondak, N Kirakovsky, I Neduzhy, D Shevtsov, I Sheludko

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Thermal Engineering
Original Title Thermal Engineering
Author Ivan Shvets, M. Kondak, N Kirakovsky, I Neduzhy, D Shevtsov, I Sheludko
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Topics engineering, engines, thermodynamics, water, vapour, steam heat engines, cycles of heat engines, heat transfer, fuels, boilers. heat balance, reciprocating engines, internal combustion engines, turbines, gas turbines, heat electric plants, generators, cooling systems, gears, power
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The book has been written by a group of scientists working
for many years at Higher Educational Institutions of the Soviet
Union and is a textbook for students both of Higher and of
Secondary Schools.
The book contains the theoretical fundamentals of thermal
engineering (engineering thermodynamics and heat transfer), contains
characteristics of fuels, describes combustion processes, boiler
units and heat engines, such as steam engines, internal-combustion
engines, steam and gas turbines and steam power plants.
Besides being a textbook for students, the book will also be of
interest to specialists in the field of thermal engineering.
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