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Vector And Tensor Analysis With Applications | A. I. Borisenko, I. E. Tarapov

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Vector And Tensor Analysis With Applications
Original Title Vector And Tensor Analysis With Applications
Author A. I. Borisenko, I. E. Tarapov
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Topics physics, mathematics, tensors, vectors, analysis, theorems, vector algebra, green’s formula, integral theorems, fluid dynamics, equations, solenoidal fields, electromagnetic theory, maxwell’s equations, covariant differentiation, vector fields, divergence, tensor fields, differential equations, differential operators, scalar field, gauss theorem, stokes theorem, pseudo tensors
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he present book is a freely revised and restyled version of the third edition of the Russian original (Moscow, 1966). As in other volumes of this series, I have not hesitated to introduce a number of pedagogical and mathematical improvements that occurred to me in the course of doing the translation. 1 have also added a brief Bibliography, confined to books in English dealing with approximately the same topics, at about the same level.
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