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When Daddy Was A Little Boy | A. Raskin

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When Daddy Was A Little Boy
Original Title When Daddy Was A Little Boy
Author A. Raskin
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I want to tell you about how I came to write this book. I have a daughter named Sasha. She’s a big girl now and often says, when speaking about herself, “When I was a little girl-” Well, when Sasha was a very little girl, she was often ill. She had the grippe, and a sore throat, and an infected ear. If you’ve ever had an infected ear, you know how painful it is. And if you haven’t, there’s no use explaining, for you’ll never understand anyway.
Once Sasha’s ear hurt so badly that she cried and  cried. She couldn’t sleep at all. I felt so sorry for her that I nearly cried, too. And so I read aloud to her and told her funny stories. I told her a story about the time I rolled my new ball under a car when I was a little boy. Sasha liked the story. She was surprised to learn that her daddy had once been a little boy, and that he’d gotten into mischief and had also been punished sometimes. She remembered the story, and whenever her ear would begin to ache, she’d shout: “Daddy! Daddy! My ear aches! Tell me a story about you when you were a little boy.” And each time I’d tell her a new story. You’ll find them all in this book. I tried to remember all the funny things that had ever happened to me, because I wanted to make a sick girl smile. Besides, I wanted my girl to understand that being greedy, boastful, or stuck-up wasn’s nice at all.
That doesn’t mean I was always like that when I was a little boy. Sometimes, when i couldn’t think of a sto- ry, I’d borrow one from other daddies I knew. After all, every daddy was once a little boy. So you see, none of these stories were invented. They all actually happened to little boys. Now that Sasha is a big girl, she’s hardly ever ill and can read great big books all by herself.
But I thought that perhaps other children might like to know about a daddy and the things that hap- pened to him when he was a little boy.  That’s all I wanted to say. But waitl There’s some- thing else. There’s more to this book. Each one of you can discover the rest for yourself, for your own daddy can tell you about things that happened to him when he was a little boy. And so can your mommy. I’d love to hear their stories, too
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