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Discovering geometry : an investigative approach

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Discovering geometry : an investigative approach
Original Title Discovering geometry : an investigative approach
Author Serra, Michael
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Topics triangle, curriculum, angle, angles, step, key, chapter, press, construct, conjecture, key curriculum, curriculum press, press lesson, developing proof, algebra skills, patty paper, surface area, pythagorean theorem, parallel lines, perpendicular bisector, Geometry, Geometrie, Mathematikunterricht, Schulbuch
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Discovering Geometry, An Investigative Approach by Michael Serra

Includes index

Geometric art — Introducing geometry — Reasoning in geometry — Using tools of geometry — Discovering and proving triangle properties — Discovering and proving polygon properties — Discovering and proving circle properties — Transformations and tessellations — Area — The Pythagorean Theorem — Volume — Similarity — Trigonometry — Geometry as a mathematical system

Discovering Geometry is designed so that you can be actively engaged as you learn geometry. In this book you learn by doing. You will learn to use the tools of geometry and to perform geometry investigations with them. Many of the investigations are carried out in small cooperative groups in which you jointly plan and find solutions with other students. Your investigations will lead you to the discovery of geometry properties. In addition, you will gradually learn about proof, a form of reasoning that will help you explain why your discoveries are true, through developing proof group activities and exercises. – p. xiv

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