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Death : Before, During & After… (German) : Dada Bhagwan

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Understanding Death: Before, During & After… (German) by Dada Bhagwan

Death, a subject that has intrigued and frightened humanity for centuries, is explored in the book ‘Death: Before, During & After…’ by spiritual leader Dada Bhagwan. The book provides a deep insight into the concept of death as understood in the German language.

Dada Bhagwan, through his spiritual teachings, offers a unique perspective on death and what happens before, during, and after it. He delves into the fears and misconceptions surrounding death and presents profound insights on how one can prepare for the inevitable.

The book serves as a guide to understanding the spiritual significance of death and offers solace to those grappling with the loss of a loved one. It addresses the soul’s journey before and after death, shedding light on the purpose and meaning of life and death.

For anyone seeking spiritual understanding and enlightenment, ‘Death: Before, During & After…’ is a must-read. Dada Bhagwan’s teachings provide comfort and clarity, imparting wisdom that transcends cultural and linguistic barriers.

For more information on Dada Bhagwan’s spiritual teachings, you can visit the official website. Whether in life or in death, Dada Bhagwan’s insights offer a valuable perspective for seekers of truth.

Death : Before, During & After… (German) Anodos Books

This is a book published in 2016 in German, written by Dada Bhagwan. It is a spiritual context book in which Dada Bhagwan places death and dying in a larger spiritual context. The book addresses the knowledge required to liberate oneself from all suffering related to death and dying. The book belongs to the category of death, death and dying, bereavement, death grief bereavement, death and bereavement, death and rebirth, death and immortality, death and reincarnation, death and grief. The language is German. The file size of the download is 300 ppi.

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