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Pratikraman is a philosophical book written by Dada Bhagwan in Hindi. The book explores the concept of pratikraman, which is a spiritual practice in Jainism that involves seeking forgiveness for one’s mistakes and wrongdoings. The author delves into the significance and benefits of pratikraman, and how it can lead to inner peace and spiritual growth.

Dada Bhagwan also provides practical guidance on how to incorporate pratikraman into one’s daily life, and explains the steps involved in the practice. He encourages readers to reflect on their actions and take responsibility for their behavior, while also expressing remorse and seeking forgiveness from those they have wronged.

Furthermore, the book delves into the idea of karma and its influence on one’s life, emphasizing the importance of resolving negative karma through pratikraman. Dada Bhagwan illustrates the transformative power of this spiritual practice and its ability to bring about positive change in individuals.

Overall, Pratikraman serves as a comprehensive guide to understanding and implementing the practice of seeking forgiveness in Jainism, offering readers profound insights into the nature of human behavior and the path to spiritual liberation.

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