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Science Of Speech (German) : Dada Bhagwan

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The Science Of Speech (German) by Dada Bhagwan

Dada Bhagwan’s book “Science of Speech” offers profound insights into the power of speech and its impact on our lives. This remarkable work is now available in German, making it accessible to a wider audience.

In “Science of Speech,” Dada Bhagwan explores the significance of the spoken word and its ability to shape our reality. The book delves into the science behind speech and the energy it generates, emphasizing the profound influence of our words on our thoughts and actions.

Readers will discover practical wisdom on how to use speech to create positive change in their lives and relationships. With clear language and relatable examples, Dada Bhagwan offers guidance on harnessing the power of speech for personal growth and transformation.

This valuable resource is a must-read for anyone seeking to improve communication skills, cultivate mindfulness, and enhance the quality of their interactions. Whether used for self-reflection or as a tool for improving relationships, “Science of Speech” offers timeless teachings that can benefit readers from all walks of life.

To explore the profound teachings of Dada Bhagwan in the German language, you can find “Science of Speech” [here](link) and discover the transformative power of speech.

Science Of Speech (German)

“Science Of Speech” by Dada Bhagwan, published in 2016 in the German language, focuses on science and spirituality, conflict-free life, conflict management strategies, and non-violent communication. It is a resource for understanding spiritual practices and values to resolve conflict, deal with difficult people, and live in peace. The book is available electronically, containing 128 pages with a file size of 17 files. It aims to inspire individuals to lead a spiritual life and offers insights into non-violent communication. The book is part of the Community Texts and Community Collections.

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