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The Fault is of the Sufferer (Marathi) : Dada Bhagwan

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Book Name:The Fault is of the Sufferer (Marathi)
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The Fault is of the Sufferer (Marathi) – Book Summary

The Fault is of the Sufferer is a thought-provoking Marathi book written by renowned author and social activist, Dattaram Maruti Mirasdar. The book delves into the concept of personal responsibility and accountability in the face of adversity and suffering.

Plot and Themes

The book revolves around the idea that individuals are often quick to blame external factors for their suffering, without acknowledging their own role in contributing to their plight. Through a series of compelling narratives and real-life examples, the author challenges readers to reflect on the notion of victimhood and the power of personal agency in overcoming challenges.

Character Development

Mirasdar’s writing style is both compelling and evocative, drawing readers into the inner struggles and triumphs of the characters. By portraying the complex inner conflicts of the protagonists, the author encourages readers to examine their own beliefs and attitudes towards suffering and adversity.

With its profound insights and poignant storytelling, The Fault is of the Sufferer prompts readers to question societal norms and personal biases, ultimately inspiring introspection and personal growth.

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This book is titled “The Fault is of the Sufferer” in Marathi, and is authored by Dada Bhagwan. It was published by Dada Bhagwan in 2010, and falls under the category of conflict management and resolution. The book is written in the Marathi language focusing on karma, conflict resolution, conflict management, natural disasters, laws of nature, and why people hurt us. The book has 220 pages, and the file size is available for download. This book is an invaluable spiritual insight into how to cope with anxiety, and live a life with no worries, offering relief to those struggling with stress and anxiety.

This book is in public domain

This book was published with a Creative Commons license with a mention the author and source

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