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Tri Mantra (Marathi) : Dada Bhagwan

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Tri Mantra is a Marathi book written by a well-known author. The book is a captivating exploration of three mantras that have the power to transform people’s lives. Delving into the spiritual significance of these mantras, the author provides valuable insights into their application in daily life.

Tri Mantra – A Spiritual Journey

Author’s Perspective

The author’s perspective on the transformative power of these three mantras is deeply profound. Through personal anecdotes and experiences, the author conveys the impact of these mantras on one’s inner being.

Deep Spiritual Insights

In Tri Mantra, the readers will find deep spiritual insights that have the potential to bring about a positive shift in their consciousness. The book serves as a guide for those seeking spiritual growth and enlightenment.

Application in Daily Life

The author also sheds light on how these mantras can be practically incorporated into one’s daily life, enabling readers to experience the benefits of their profound wisdom.

In conclusion, Tri Mantra is a captivating book that offers a transformative journey through the power of three essential mantras. With its profound insights and practical guidance, this book is a valuable resource for anyone seeking spiritual growth and enlightenment.

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Book Description: Tri Mantra is a book by Dada Bhagwan that explains the Navkar mantra, or Trimantra. It reveals the mantra’s meaning and the benefits of reciting it, which can lead to inner peace and release from daily life’s worries.

Book Title: Tri Mantra (Marathi)

Author: Dada Bhagwan

Publisher: Unknown

Published Date: 2016

Language: Marathi

Category of the Book: Religion

Topics of the book: embodiment, mantras for peace, mantras for enlightenment, mantras for happiness, embodiment of self-knowledge, navkar mantra, trimantra meaning

Number of Pages: 192 pages

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ISBN: Unknown
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