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Einstein And The Philosophical Problems Of 20th Century Physics

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Einstein And The Philosophical Problems Of 20th Century Physics

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In this post, we will see the book Einstein and the philosophical problems of 20th-century physics. Many interesting articles are present in the book which would interest physicist as well as students of history and philosophy of science. 

About the book:

In 1979 the scientists of the world marked the centenary of Albert Einstein. This book, written by prominent Soviet specialists in physics and philosophy, purports to repeal Einstein's influence on the modern scientific view of the world and analyses the most important philosophical problems of 20th century physics. The focus is on the problems of the special and general theory of relativity. Such as the development of the concepts of time and space in relativistic physics, their interconnection, the dimensionality of physical space, and complementarity of physics and geometry. The book deals with Einstein's views of the philosophical foundations of quantum mechanics and his search for a unified field theory. Special consideration is given to the philosophical problems of relativistic cosmology and its role in the description of the time- space structure of the universe.

The book was first published by Progress Publishers in 1983 and was translated from the Russian by Sergei Syrovatkin. The book was designed by Sergei Zeitsev.

PDF | Bookmarked | Cover | 520 pp. | OCR | 18.4 MB

Thanks to gnowgi for the book.


Front Cover 1
Title Page 5
Content 7
Preface 9
D. P. Gribanov. Einstein’s Philosophical Worldview 12
M. E. Omelyanovsky. Einstein, the Foundations of Modem Physics and Materialist Dialectics 38
B. G. Kuznetsov. Einstein and Classical Science 65
A. D. Alexandrov. On the Philosophical Content of the Relativity Theory 106
Yu. B. Molchanov. The Concept of Simultaneity and the conception of time in the special theory of relativity 126
I. A. Akchurin. M. D. Akhundov. Einstein and the Develop­ment of the Concept of Space 148
A. M. Mostepanenko. Complementarity of Physics and Geo­metry (Einstein and Poincare) 185
V. A. Fok. The Physical Principles of Einstein's Gravitational Theory 215
M. A. Markov. Modern Problems of the General Theory of Relativity 228
E. M. Chudinov. Einstein and the Problem of the infinity of the Universe 234
V. L. Ginzburg. The Heliocentric System and the General Theory of Relativity (From Copernicus to Einstein) 258
V. S. Barashenkov. The Laws of the General Relativity Theory and the phenomena of the microworld 313
V. I. Rodichev. Methodological Aspects of Unified Field Theory 346
Yu. V. Sachkov. Problems in the Substantiation of Probabilistic Research Methods in Physics 378
S. V. Illarionov. The Einstein Bohr Controversy 401
K. Kh. Delokarov. Einstein and Mach 420
E. M. Chudinov. Einstein and Bridgman'sOperationalism 439
K. Kh. Delokarov. The Theory of Relativity and Soviet Science ( A Historico-Methodological Analysis) 454
Name Index 500
Subject Index 507
Back Cover 520



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