Rich Dad Poor Dad(Bengali)+The Power of Your Subconcious Mind+Chanakya Neeti with Chanakya Sutra Sahit – Bengali (চানক্য নীতি – চানক্য সূত্র সহিত)(Set of 3 books)

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Rich Dad Poor Dad(Bengali)+The Power of Your Subconcious Mind+Chanakya Neeti with Chanakya Sutra Sahit – Bengali (চানক্য নীতি – চানক্য সূত্র সহিত)(Set of 3 books)

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Rich Dad Poor Dad(Bengali)+The Power of Your Subconcious Mind+Chanakya Neeti with Chanakya Sutra Sahit – Bengali (চানক্য নীতি – চানক্য সূত্র সহিত)(Set of 3 books)
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Rich Dad Poor Dad(Bengali)Rich Dad Poor Dad teaches you to think like the rich and explains how money works, giving you the secrets about money that rich teach their children. By reading this book you’ll better understand the power that your thinking can have on your life. If you are looking for financial freedom, then Rich Dad Poor Dad is a great place to start your learning process.The Power of Your Subconcious Mind”The Power of Your Subconscious Mind is a self-help book, in which the author focuses on his theory that harnessing the power of the subconscious mind can bring about an amazing and positive transformation in an individuals life.Murphy puts forth the theory that the subconscious mind has profound influence on everything an individual does and experiences. He insists that if an individual unreservedly believes in something and clearly pictures it in his mind, he/she succeeds in removing all the mental blocks that stand between the vision and the reality. He concludes that every individual can manifest a successful reality just by wholly and truly believing in it.Murphy has combined scientific research with spiritual philosophy to create numerous techniques to control the incredible power of the subconscious mind. The techniques provided in the book are simple and invaluable. They are not merely theoretical in nature, but are backed by numerous real-life cases in which the techniques have proven highly effective.The exercises and guidelines provided are highly practical and can be adopted by absolutely anybody to uncover the secrets of prosperous living. These exercises provide a wide range of benefits. They can be used to overcome bad habits, compulsions and phobias, strengthen relationships, build confidence, cure ailments, improve health, fight aging and be successful.The book helps each reader explore and utilize the latent power granted to every human being – the power of the subconscious.This is a Bengali translation authorized by The Joseph Murphy Trust.Chanakya Neeti with Chanakya Sutra Sahit – Bengali (চানক্য নীতি – চানক্য সূত্র সহিত)Chanakya Neeti is the story of Chanakya, conventionally known as Kautilya or Vishnu Gupta. He was initially a professor of economics and political science at the ancient Takshashila University, and later on administered the first Maurya emperor, Chandragupta Maurya, to ascend to supremacy at a young age. Chanakya is one of the greatest figures of wisdom and knowledge in the Indian history; he is one of the finest philosophers and diplomat in the country’s past.Chanakya was a King maker and crowned Chandragupta Maurya as the ruler and preferred to serve him as his mentor. The book is a dissertation on the model way of life and shows his in-depth understanding of the Indian ways. These realistic and potent tactics provide a path to live a systematic and designed life leading to success in all facets. If understood well, this book can be an answer to all everyday problems in one’s life.Chanakya also introduced Neeti-Sutras, sayings or pithy sentences, which inform people about the ideal behavior that one should carry. He used these sutras to spruce Chandragupta and other chosen disciples in the art of ruling a kingdom. But these sutras are highly relevant to today’s times too due to Chanakya’s superb understanding of the timeless Indian mindset. It still stands to be one of the best management books for the current times.Chanakya Neetis and Chanakya Sutras have been compiled together in this book to make his astuteness easily accessible to readers. This book was published by Diamond Books in 2012, and is available in paperback. Key Features: This book discusses Chanakya’s influential strategies and ideologies in a very lucid manner for easier understanding.The translation from Sanskrit to Bengali has made the read very convenient.

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