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Accidence of Hebrew grammar, with exercises

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Accidence of Hebrew grammar, with exercises
Original Title Accidence of Hebrew grammar, with exercises
Author Coffey, Henry A. (Henry Augustine), 1876-
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Usage Public Domain Mark 1.0
Topics Hebrew language — Grammar, Hebrew language
Publisher [St. Louis, Mo. etc.] B. Herder book co.
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CONTENTS Alphabet 1 Vowels. Vowel letters, Masoretic points, Full and defective writing 2Shewa. Silent, Vocal. Dagesh. Forte, Lene 6 Word accent. Syllables. Open, Closed: Metheg. 6 Coincidence of different points 7 Verbs. Inflection, Preformatives, Aflormatives 8 Verb Forms. Names and meaning 11 Niphal 12 Nouns. Gender, Number, States 13 Peel, Pual, Hithpael 15 Relations of nouns. Inseparable prepositions. Article 18 Pronouns. Personal, Demonstrative, Relative, Interrogative 20 Hiphil. Hophal 22 Simple verb , Summary 25 Metathesis of sibilants, Assimilation of dentals, Shortened and lengthened forms, Consecutive 1 , Intransitive verbs in and 26 Guttural letters. Mappik : Furtive Pathah : Article with guttural 27 Guttural verbs : guttural verb 29 Vowel changes. Unchangeable and Changeable vowels : Makkeph 30 guttural verb 31 New Syllables. Shewa before Shewa. Interrogative particle fl: Pretonic Karnes 32 guttural verb 34 Kerb and Rethib : Yahwe 35 Verbs with weak radicals 35 verb 36 verb, verb 37 Assimilation and omission of letters 88 verb 89 verb 41 and verb 42 verb 43 Punctuation : Pause 44 Nouns with pronominal suffixes 45 First class, with unchangeable vowels 46 Second class, with changeable vowels 48 Third class, Participles : Fourth class, Segolates 51 Fifth class, Defective Segolates 55 Verbs with pronominal suffixes 56 Prepositions and Adverbs with pronominal suffixes 58 Numerals. Cardinals, ordinals 59Paradigms of verbs 62 Selections for reading 89 Hebrew Word List 99English Word List 107Index 109 Rules of syntax: Kinds of sentences: Order of words: Attributive and predicate adjectives : Use of article 19 Use of pronouns 22 Comparison of adjectives 40 Use of relative 58 Digitized by Google.
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