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Church of Our Lady of Esperanza : descriptive book

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Church of Our Lady of Esperanza : descriptive book
Original Title Church of Our Lady of Esperanza : descriptive book
Author Armanet, Crescent
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Topics New York. — Church of Our Lady of esperanza, New York. Church of Our Lady of esperanza
Publisher [New York], [Wynkoop Hallenbeck Crawford Co., printers]
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Chapter I
An Array of Palatial Structures 19
Historical remembrances โ€” A generous Maecenas: Mr. Archer M. Huntington โ€” Museums โ€” The Hispanic Society of America โ€” Origin of the Church of Our Lady of Esperanza โ€” Call for funds โ€” The Rev. Fr. Adrian Buisson, A.A., Rector.
Chapter II
Erection and Dedication of the Spanish Church 26
The architect โ€” Laying of the cornerstone โ€” The dedicatory inscription โ€” Decoration fund โ€” A great artist, Mr. Caryl Coleman โ€” Opening of the Church โ€” The Consecration.
Chapter III
General Description of the Church 30
The outside of the Church โ€” Italian Renaissance style โ€” The terrace and portico โ€” The inside of the Temple โ€” Symbolism of the Church โ€” “House of Gold” โ€” Decorative scheme โ€” General outline of the interior.
Chapter I
The High Altar 39
Sanctuary โ€” The altar and the mass โ€” Memorial inscription โ€” Technical description of the high altar โ€” The tabernacle door โ€” The tabernacle key โ€” The tabernacle veil โ€” The cross and candlesticks โ€” Chalices and ciborium โ€” Chasuble.
Chapter II
The Statue of the Blessed Virgin 51
The Miraculous finding in Cuba โ€” Cultus of Our Lady of Charity in Cuba โ€” A gift from the Cuban people โ€” Enthronement of the statue of Our Blessed Mother โ€” Description of the statue โ€” Devotion to the Mother of God โ€” The shrine.
Chapter III
The Sanctuary Lamp 59
Gift of King Alfonso of Spain โ€” A replica of a celebrated work โ€” Symbolism of this masterpiece โ€” Memorial inscription.
Chapter IV
The Sanctuary Stained Glass Windows 62
The Angels “who stand before the Lord” โ€” St. Michael “the highest general” โ€” St. Raphael, “the healer” โ€” St. Gabriel, “power of God” โ€” Uriel “one of the Seven”.
Chapter V
The Altar Rail and Bronze Gate 66
The holy table or communion rail โ€” The gate and the monograms of Christ โ€” Brass candlesticks.
Chapter I
The Side Altars 7
St. Joseph’s altar โ€” St. Joseph’s painting by Sorolla โ€” Cultus of St. Joseph โ€” St. Theresa’s altar.
Chapter II
Stained Glass Windows: Left Aisle 76
Glaziers of mediaeval centuries โ€” Stained glass windows of this Church among the best โ€” “The Annunciation” โ€” “The Visitation” โ€” “The Nativity of Christ”.
Chapter III
Stained Glass Windows: Right Aisle 84
“The Adoration of the Magi” โ€” “The Presentation of Our Lord in the Temple” โ€” “The Marriage Feast at Cana”.
Chapter IV
The Stations of the Cross 90
Origin of this devotion โ€” How it spread throughout the world โ€” Our Lady of Esperanza’s stations are masterpieces โ€” A short description of each station.
Chapter V
Statue of the Sacred Heart 101
Description of the statue โ€” Origin of the devotion to the Sacred Heart โ€” A great association: “The Archconfraternity of Prayer and Penance” โ€” Approbation by the Hierarchy of New York.
Chapter VI
Status of St. Anthony of Padua 108
Description of the statue โ€” Short account of the life of St. Anthony โ€” Tuesday devotions in honor of St. Anthony of Padua.
Chapter VII
The Consecration Crosses 111
The twelve consecration crosses โ€” Their meaning โ€” Consecration of the Church of Our Lady of Esperanza โ€” Anniversary of the consecration โ€” Memorial lamps and torcheres.
Chapter VIII
The Confessionals 113
A necessary equipment of every Catholic church โ€” Divine Institution of the Sacrament of Penance โ€” Greatness and necessity of that Sacrament.
Chapter I
“A la Memoria de Mi Madre” 119
A miniature window โ€” The coat of arms of Spain โ€” “To the memory of my mother” โ€” The “narthex” or vestibule.
Chapter II
“St. Monica and St. Augustine at Ostia” 121
A reproduction in glass of a celebrated painting โ€” Short account of the life of St. Monica โ€” Conversion of St. Augustine โ€” Description of the window.
Chapter III
“The Return from Calvary” 124
Another reproduction of a beautiful painting โ€” The blessed Virgin Mary, Queen of Martyrs โ€” Description of the window.
Chapter IV
A Memorial Tablet 126
To the memory of Miss Maria de Barril โ€” A great benefactress of this Church โ€” The inscription.
Chapter V
Baptismal Font 128
The Sacrament of Baptism โ€” Its necessity for salvation โ€” Ancient baptistries โ€” The blessing of the baptismal water โ€” Description of the font.
Chapter I
The Organ Loft 133
The facade windows โ€” Origin of the organ โ€” Monarch of all instruments โ€” Organ of Our Lady of Esperanza.
Chapter II
Stained Glass Windows: Left Gallery 136
An array of Spanish heroes and heroines โ€” First panel: St. James the Great and St. Ferdinand, King โ€” Second panel: St. Justa and St. Rufina, martyrs of Seville โ€” Third panel: St. Indore of Seville and St. Ildephonsus of Toledo.
Chapter III
Stained Glass Windows: Right Gallery 142
Fourth panel: St. Peter of Alcantara and St. Thomas of Villanova โ€” Fifth panel: St. Theresa of Jesus and St. Rose of Lima โ€” Sixth panel: St. Ignatius of Loyola and St. Francis Xavier.
Chapter IV
The Ceiling Skylight 150
“The symbolism displayed in the skylight โ€” The Three Persons of the Holy Trinity โ€” God the Father โ€” God the Son โ€” God the Holy Ghost โ€” “I am the vine, you the branches” โ€” Conclusion.
Order of services in the Church of Our Lady of Esperanza.
List of donors for the building.
List of objects donated and list of donors.
Mr. Archer M. Huntington Facing page 20
Rev. Adrian Buisson, A.A., Rector ” ” 24
Church of Our Lady of Esperanza (Exterior) ” ” 32
High Altar ” ” 42
Chasuble ” ” 48
Statue of Our Lady ” ” 52
Sanctuary Lamp ” ” 60
Chalice and Paten ” ” 62
Ciborium ” ” 62
St. Joseph and the Holy Child ” ” 72
Stained Glass Window: The Annunciation (Left Aisle) ” ” 78
Stained Glass Window: The Presentation (Right Aisle) ” ” 86
Three of the Stations of the Cross ” ” 94
MostRev. Patrick J. Hayes, D.D.,Archbishop of New York ” ” 106
Stained Glass Window: The Nativity of Our Lord (Left Aisle) ” ” 112
Tabernacle Veils ” ” 122
Miss Maria de Barril ” ” 126
His Eminence Cardinal Farley, Late Archbishop of New York ” ” 134
Stained Glass Window: St. James the Great and St. Ferdinand, Ring (Left Gallery) ” ” 136
Stained Glass Window: St. Peter of Alcantara and St. Thomas of Villanova (Right Gallery) ” ” 142
Church of Our Lady of Esperanza (Interior) ” ” 150

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