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Cowboy songs and other frontier ballads

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Cowboy songs and other frontier ballads
Original Title Cowboy songs and other frontier ballads
Author Lomax, John Avery, 1867-1948, comp
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Usage Public Domain Mark 1.0freepublicdomain
Topics Cowboys — Songs and music, Folk songs, English — West (U.S.), Ballads, English — West (U.S.), Cowboys, Ballads, English, Folk songs, English
Publisher New York, The Macmillan Company
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Araphoe, or Buckskin Joe 390
Arizona Boys and Girls, The 211
Bill Peters, the Stage Driver 100
Billy the Kid 344
Billy Venero 299
Bob Stanford 265
Bonnie Black Bess 194
Boozer, The 304
Boston Burglar, The 147
Brigham Young, I 399
Brigham Young, II 401
Bronc Peeler’s Song 377
Bucking Broncho 367
Buena Vista Battlefield 34
Buffalo Hunters 185
Buffalo Skinners, The 158
Bull Whacker, The 69
By Markentura’s Flowery Marge 224
California Joe 139
California Stage Company 41 1
California Trail 375
Camp Fire Has Gone Out, The 322
Charlie Rutlage 267
Chopo 371
Cole Younger 106
Convict, The 290
Cow Camp on the Range, A 358
Cowboy, The 96
Cowboy at Church, The 246
Cowboy at Work, The 352
Cowboy’s Christmas Ball, The 335
Cowboy’s Dream, The 18
Cowboy’s Lament, The 74
Cowboy’s Life, The 20
Cowboy’s Meditation, The 297
Cowgirl, The 251
Cowman’s Prayer, The 24
Crooked Trail to Holbrook, The 121
Dan Taylor 51
Days of Forty-Nine, The 9
Deer Hunt, A 379
Deserted Adobe, The 350
Disheartened Ranger, The 261
Dogie Song 303
Down South on the Rio Grande 331
Dreary Black Hills, The 177
Dreary, Dreary Life, The 233
Drinking Song 305
Drunkard’s Hell, The 395
Dying Cowboy, The 3
Dying Ranger, The 214
Fair Fannie Moore 219
Fools of Forty-Nine, The 404
Foreman Monroe 174
Freckles, A Fragment 360
Fuller and Warren 126
Fragment, A 306
Fragment, A 309
Freighting from Wilcox to Globe 207
Gal I Left Behind Me, The 342
Gol-Darned Wheel, The 190
Great Round-Up, The 282
Greer County 278
Habit, The 327
Happy Miner, The 409
Hard Times 103
Harry Bale 172
Hell in Texas 222
Hell-Bound Train, The 345
Here’s to the Ranger 354
Her White Bosom Bare 271
Home on the Range, A 39
Horse Wrangler, The 136
I’m a Good Old Rebel 94
Jack Donahoo 64
Jack o’ Diamonds 292
Jerry, Go Ile that Car 112
Jesse James 27
Jim Farrow 237
Joe Bowers 15
John Garner’s Trail Herd 114
Jolly Cowboy, The 284
Juan Murray 276
Kansas Line, The 22
Lackey Bill 83
Last Longhorn, The 197
Life in a Half-Breed Shack 386
Little Joe, the Wrangler 167
Little Old Sod Shanty, The 187
Lone Buffalo Hunter, The 119
Lone Star Trail, The 310
Love in Disguise 77
McCaffie’s Confession 164
Man Named Hods, A 307
Melancholy Cowboy, The 263
Metis Song of the Buffalo Hunters 72
Miner’s Song, The 25
Mississippi Girls 108
Mormon Song 182
Mormon Bishop’s Lament, The 47
Mustang Gray 79
Muster Out the Ranger 356
New National Anthem 413
Night-Herding Song 324
Old Chisholm Trail, The 58
Old Gray Mule, The 403
Old Man Under the Hill, The 110
Old Paint 329
Old Scout’s Lament, The 117
Old Scout’s Lament, The 348
Old Time Cowboy 365
Only a Cowboy 124
Pecos Queen, The 369
Pinto 340
Poor Lonesome Cowboy 32
Prisoner for Life, A 200
Railroad Corral, The 318
Rambling Bay 397
Rambling Cowboy, The 244
Range Riders, The 269
Rattlesnake — A Ranch Haying Song 315
Ripping Trip, A 407
Road to Cook’s Peak 388
Root Hog or Die 254
Rosin the Bow 280
Rounded Up in Glory 393
Sam Bass 149
Shanty Boy, The 252
Silver Jack 332
Sioux Indians 56
Skew-Ball Black, The 243
Song of the “Metis” Trapper, The 320
State of Arkansaw, The 226
Sweet Betsy from Pike 258
Tail Piece 326
Texas Cowboy, The 229
Top Hand 373
Texas Rangers 44
Trail to Mexico, The 132
U. S. A. Recruit, The 249
Utah Carroll 66
Wars of Germany, The 204
Way Down in Mexico 314
Westward Ho 37
When the Work is Done This Fall 53
Whoopee-Ti-Yi-Yo, Git along Little Dogies 87
Whose Old Cow 362
Wild Rovers 383
Windy Bill 381
U-S-U Range 92
Young Charlottie 239
Young Companions 81
Zebra Dun, The 154

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Contains music

“Published November 1910 … New edition with additions, March, 1916 … [Reprinted 1922]” Sept. 22, 1923. Oct. 14, 1923

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