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Crime and technology : new frontiers for regulation, law enforcement and research

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Crime and technology : new frontiers for regulation, law enforcement and research
Original Title Crime and technology : new frontiers for regulation, law enforcement and research
Author Savona, Ernesto Ugo, 1943- editor
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Topics Crime prevention, Law enforcement, Computer crimes, Technology and state, Social Sciences, Criminology &amp, Criminal Justice, Public International Law, Social Sciences, general, Criminalité informatique, Lois, Enquêtes criminelles, Enquêtes criminelles
Publisher Springer Netherlands
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Crime and Technology: New Frontiers for Regulation, Law Enforcement and Research
Author: Ernesto U. Savona
Published by Springer Netherlands
ISBN: 978-90-481-6746-3
DOI: 10.1007/978-1-4020-2924-0

Table of Contents:

  • Emerging Challenges
  • The Fox and the Hunters: How IC Technologies Change the Crime Race
  • New Challenges for International Rules Against Cyber-Crime
  • Combating Cyber-Crime: National Legislation as a Pre-Requisite to International Cooperation
  • New Challenges for Law Enforcement
  • Threats to the Net: Trends and Law Enforcement Responses
  • Privacy and Investigative Needs: Progressing from Incompatible to Complementary Positions
  • Technology and Intelligence Collection
  • New Challenges for Research: Technology, Criminology and Crime Science
  • Research on Crime and Technology
  • Crime Mapping and the Training Needs of Law Enforcement
  • Some Reflections on Drugs and Crime Research in an International Context

Emerging challenges / Antonia M. Costa — The fox and the hunters : how IC technologies change the crime race / Ernesto U. Savoana and Mara Mignone — New challenges for international rules against cyber-crime / Fausto Pocar — Combatting cyber-crime : national legislation as a pre-requisite to international cooperation / Lucie Angers — New challenges for law enforcement / Gloria Laycock — Threats to the net : trends and law enforcement responses / Christopher Painter — Privacy and investigative needs : progressing from incompatible to complementary positions / Giuseppe Busia — Technology and intelligence collection / Neil Bailey — New challenges for research : technology, criminology and crime science / Ronald V. Clarke — Research on crime and technology / Cindy J. Smith — Crime mapping and the training needs of law enforcement / Jerry H. Ratcliffe — Some reflections on drugs and crime research in an international context / Sandeep Chawla

“The chapters collected in this book are revised versions of the papers presented at the ISPAC international Conference on Crime and Technology held in Courmayeur on November 2003”–Page xi

Includes bibliographical references

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This book contains part of the revised papers presented at the ISPAC International Conference on Crime and Technology held in Courmayeur on November 2003. It presents a multidisciplinary approach to an emerging topic and addresses two main questions: “How do crime and criminals change because of technology?” and “What are the challenges offered that could make the fight against cyber criminals more effective and reduce the opportunities for computer crimes and computer-related crimes?” The authors are well-known policymakers, practitioners and researchers. In their interpretations and answers to the questions posed they focus either on general issues or on download that shed light on the relationships between crime and technology. The challenge remains on the capability of legislation, law enforcement and research to take the best from technology and use it to combat crime and at the same time to oppose the use of technology by criminals in committing their crimes. This process needs flexibility in legislation, better training in law enforcement and good quality research oriented to help policy solutions and, finally, a good partnership between public authorities, law enforcement, private authorities and consumers associations. This book is of interest to academics and to personnel working in international organizations or in law enforcement areas. Ernesto U. Savona is Professor of Criminology at Universit Cattolica in Milan, Director of TRANSCRIME (Joint Research Centre on Transnational Crime) Universit di Trento/ Universita Cattolica. President of the European Society of Criminology (2003/2004) and Editor of the European Journal on Criminal Policy and Research. Author of books and articles on changes in crime and their implications for criminal policies he is the co-ordinator of two research projects (MARC and IKOC) under the sixth Framework Programme of the European Commission

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