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Aerodynamics 2: Methods Of Aerodynamic Calculations | N. F. Krasnov

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Aerodynamics 2: Methods Of Aerodynamic Calculations
Original Title Aerodynamics 2: Methods Of Aerodynamic Calculations
Author N. F. Krasnov
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In this post we will see Aerodynamics 2 : Methods of Aerodynamic Calculations by N. F. Krasnov. 

Before beginning the second part, readers should be familiar with the theoretical fundamentals of aerodynamics set out in the first part. Study of the material on applied aerodynamics, i.e, on the determination of aerodynamic characteristics, will help students master aerodynamic theory because according to didactic principles, scientific information is best assimilated when used actively to solve practical problems. Such an approach relies on the information stored in the researcher’s memory and on a comprehensive understanding of the logical relations that exist between individual elements.

Mastery of the methods of aerodynamic calculations is important as an it can be used  independently by those interested in individual problems of theoretical aerodynamics.

This book was translated from the Russian by G. Leib. The book was published by first Mir Publishers in 1985.

All credits to the original uploader. Thanks to desperadomar for find this volume.

Table of Contents


Chapter 10

A Cone in a Supersonic Flow

Chapter 11

A Sharp-Nosed Body of Revolution in a Supersonic Flow

Chapter 12

Aerodynamic Interference

Chapter 13


Chapter 14

Heat Transfer

Chapter 15

Aerodynamics of Rarefied Gases


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