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Problems Of Mathematical Physics | N. N. Lebedev, I. P. Skalsyaka, Y. S. Uflyand

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Problems Of Mathematical Physics
Original Title Problems Of Mathematical Physics
Author N. N. Lebedev, I. P. Skalsyaka, Y. S. Uflyand
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Topics physics, problems and solutions, mirtitles, mathematical physics, hyperbolic and elliptic equations, harmonic oscillations, fourier method, integral transformations, curvilinear coordinates, variational methods
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A problem book on mathematical physics.
The aim of the present book is to help the reader ac­ quire the proficiency needed to successfully apply the methods of mathematical physics to a variety of prob­lems drawn from mechanics, the theory of heat conduc­tion, and the theory of electric and magnetic phenomena. A wide range of topics is covered, including not only problems of the simpler sort, but also problems of a more complicated nature involving such things as curvilinear coordinates, integral transforms, certain kinds of integral equations, etc. The book is intended both for students concomitantly studying the cor­ responding topics in courses of mathematical physics, and for research scientists who in their work find it necessary to carry out calculations using the methods described here. We also think that quite apart from its value as a tool for acquiring technique, the book can also serve as a handbook, especially in view of the fact that answers to the problems are included.

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