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Selected Problems In Discrete Mathematics | G. P. Gavrilov, A. A. Sapozhenko

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Selected Problems In Discrete Mathematics
Original Title Selected Problems In Discrete Mathematics
Author G. P. Gavrilov, A. A. Sapozhenko
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Topics problem book, mathematics, discrete mathematics, boolean functions, closed classes, completeness, k-valued logics, graphs, networks, coding theory, finite automata, algorithm theory, combinatorial analysis, mir publishers
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This collection of problems is intended as an accompaniment to a course on discrete mathematics at the universities. Senior students and graduates specializing in mathematical cybernetics may also find the book useful. Lecturers can use the material for exercises during seminars.
The material in this book is based on a course of lectures on discrete mathematics delivered by the authors over
a number of years at the Facultv of Mechanics and Mathematics, and later at the Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics at Moscow State University.
The reader can use Introduction to Discrete Mathematics by S. Yablonsky as the main text. when solving the problems in this collection.
The exercises in the book have various origins. Most of the material is traditional and specialists on discrete mathematics are all too familiar with such problems. However, it is practically impossible to trace the origin of the problems of this kind. Most of the problems were conceived by the authors during seminars and practical
classes, during examinations, and also while preparing this hook. Some of the problems resulted from studying publications in journals, and a few have been borrowed from other sources. Several problems were passed on to us by staff at the Faculty and by other colleagues. The authors express their sincere gratitude to them all.
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