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The Town In The Snuff Box Old Father Frost | Vladimir Odoyevsky

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The Town In The Snuff Box Old Father Frost
Original Title The Town In The Snuff Box Old Father Frost
Author Vladimir Odoyevsky
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Topics children’s book, story book, pictures, snuff box, father frost, soviet literature, raduga, , story book, picture book, soviet literature, illustrations
Publisher Raduga Publishers, Moscow
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Contributor Mir Titles
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Material Type Book
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A picture story book for children by Vladimir Odoyevsky. The book has two stories The Town in the Snuff Box and Old Father Frost. 

The book is lavishly illustrated. The illustrations in the first story perhaps reminds one of Tim Burton’s imagery in his movies. 

The book was published by Raduga in 1990. The amazing illustrations are by Alexander Koshkin and Natalia Polyanskaya.
PDF | OCR | Cover | 22.6 MB | 48 pp.
All credits to Guptaji for this book.

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