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This Amazingly Symmetrical World | L. Tarasov

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This Amazingly Symmetrical World
Original Title This Amazingly Symmetrical World
Author L. Tarasov
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Topics physics, geometry, mathematics, quantum mechanics, conservation laws, elementary particles, particle physics, symmetry, mir publishers
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Here is a fascinating and non-technical introduction to ubiquitous effects of symmetry. Starting with geometrical elements of symmetry, the author reveals the beauty of symmetry in the laws of physics, biology, astronomy and chemistry. He shows that symmetry and asymmetry form the foundations of relativity, quantum mechanics, solid-state physics, and atomic, sub-atomic and elementary particle physics and so on. 

The author would like to attract the reader’s attention to the very idea of symmetry and help him to discern a wide variety of the manifestations of symmetry in the surrounding world, and, above all, to demonstrate the most important role played by symmetry in the scientific comprehension of the world and in human creative effort.
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