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Universal Physical Constants | O. P. Spiridonov

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Universal Physical Constants
Original Title Universal Physical Constants
Author O. P. Spiridonov
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Topics physics, constants, experiments, measurements, speed of light, gravitational constant, plancks constant, fundamentals, quantum mehcanics, speed of light, relativity, mass of electron, charge of electron, gravity, electromagnetism, electronic charge, astronomy, books, chemistry, history, mir books, mir publishers, physics, science, soviet, physical constants
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The stern academical title of the book is somewhat
misguiding tor this is, in fact, a fresh and exciting account of
physics, tracing its experimental and conceptual development from the
ancient Greeks up to the present day. In thorough studies and heated
scientific controversies, it was through the endeavours of many
remarkable men that the profound physical significance of the universal
physical constants was revealed, sometimes with a complete revision of
old views and formation of new physical disciplines. O. P. Spiridonov’s Universal Physical Constants
appears to be the first book, both in the USSR and abroad, to be
specifically concerned with a systematic discussion of the constants. A
“case history” is given for each of them. In telling the story, the
author places strong emphasis on logical continuity and the lucidity of
his style is never achieved at the expense of scientific strictness.

The book was translated from Russian by Yevgeni Strelchenko and was first published by Mir in 1986.


Preface (5)

Milestones of Physics (9)


Strength and Weakness of a Giant or the Tale of Gravitational Constant (14).
Gravitation (15).
Grandeur of Genius (17).
Gravitational Constant (25).
“There is not a Sufficient Number of Experiments” (28).


Lives of Hardship or the Tale of Avogadro’s and Boltzmann’s Constants (35)
Truth Foreseen (35). The Architect of Harmony (44).
How Are Atoms Counted? (56).


Guiding Star or the Tale of the Charge and Mass of the Electron (63)
Completed Theory of . . . Unknown (63).
Discovery of the Electron (Analysis and Synthesis) (72).
Nobel Prize to Every Student (78).
The Troublesome Mass (82).


The Puzzle or the Tale of the Speed of Light (89)
Have You Ever Solved Puzzles? (89).
A Victimless Duel (91).
Is the Speed of Light Constant? (104).
Michelson disagrees with Pushkin (113).
The World of Albert Einstein (119).
Space Full of Life (131).


Mysterious Messenger from Real World or the Tale of Planck’s Constant (140)
Ad Hoc Hypothesis (the Emergence of Planck’s Constant) (140).
Einstein’s Light Quanta (148).
“Highest Form of Musicality in the Sphere of Thought” (152).
Waves of Matter (160).
The Measure of Uncertainty (164).
Electron Spin (169).

Jig-saw in Earnest or the Tale of the Masses of the Proton, Neutron and Other Elementary Particles (173)
How to Disassemble an Atomic Nucleus? (173).
“Weighing” Energy (181).
Three Different Similar Discoveries (185).
At the Frontier of Knowledge (196).

An Endless Road (201).

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