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Theoretical Mechanics Mir 1970 | M. Movnin, A. Izrayelit

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Theoretical Mechanics Mir 1970
Original Title Theoretical Mechanics Mir 1970
Author M. Movnin, A. Izrayelit
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Topics mechanics, statiscs, kinematics, couple, torque, lever, simple machines, friction, centre of gravity, rigid bodies, rotary motion, plane motion, dynamics, inertia, kinetostatics, law of conservation of angular momentum, law of conservation of momentum, law of conservation of energy, newton’s laws of motion, analysis of mechanisms, cam gears, rolling motion, acceleration, forces
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The new international system of units (SI) is used through­ out the text. However, taking into account that the engi­neers’ system (mkgfs) still finds wide use, the units of this system are also given. Moreover, wherever necessary the rela­ tions are indicated between the units of the international and engineers’ systems. Normative and design data are given in both systems of units.

In the presentation of the material primary emphasis is placed on the practical significance of conclusions.

To gain a better understanding of theoretical propositions, the solutions of sample problems are given. All solutions are first carried out in algebraic form and then numerical data are substituted.

Although the book is mainly intended for full-time vocatio­nal schools, the large number of detailed and specially selec­ted examples makes it handy for their evening and correspon­dence departments as well.

Translated from the Russian by M. Konyaeva

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