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Problems In Physics | A. A. Pinsky

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Problems In Physics
 | A. A. Pinsky
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Problems In Physics

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Author: A. A. Pinsky

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Language: English

Subjects: physics, problems and solutions, quantim physics, nuclear physics, elementary particles, vibrations and waves, optics electrodynamics, kinematics, kinetic theory of gases, solids, conservation laws

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Problems In Physics
 | A. A. Pinsky

December 2, 2022

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Problems In Physics
 | A. A. Pinsky

December 2, 2022

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Problems In Physics
 | A. A. Pinsky
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Problems In Physics
 | A. A. Pinsky
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 | A. A. Pinsky
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 | A. A. Pinsky
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 | A. A. Pinsky
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 | A. A. Pinsky
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This book offers the reader over 750 problems concerning the same subject matter as is treated in the two volumes of  the "Fundamentals of Physics". The order of presentation of the theoretical material is also the same.
The availability of a great number of problem books based on the traditional school physics curriculum prompted us to enlarge those sections which are absent from traditional problem books, namely the dynamics of a rotating rigid body, the elements of the theory of relativity and of quantum and statistical physics, of solid-state physics, wave optics, atomic and nuclear physics, etc. Problems dealing with astrophysics illustrate the application of the laws of physics to celestial bodies.
The book contains a few problems requiring elementary
skill in differentiating and integrating, as well as some problems
to be solved with the aid of numerical methods, which
nowadays are being increasingly used.

The book was translated from the Russian by Mark Samokhvalov and was first published by Mir Publishers in 1980.


Some Practical Hints
Part One. Motion and Forces
(Problems 17 | Solutions 123| Answers and Hints 306)
1. Kinematics of a Particle
2. Force
3. Particle Dynamics
4. Gravitation. Electrical Forces
5. Friction
6. Theory of Relativity

Part Two. Conservation Laws
(Problems 30| Solutions 148| Answers and Hints 309)
7. The Law of Conservation of Momentum. Centre of Mass
8. Total and Kinetic Energy
9. Uncertainty Relation
10. Elementary Theory of Collisions
11. Potential Energy. Potential
12. The Law of Conservation of Energy in Newtonian Mechanics
13. The Law of Conservation of Energy
14. Rotational Dynamics of a Rigid Body
15. Non-inertial Frames of Reference and Gravitation

Part Three. Molecular-kinetic Theory of Gases
(Problems 44| Solutions 183| Answers and Hints 312)
16. An Ideal Gas
17. The First Law of Thermodynamics
18. The Second Law of Thermodynamics
19. Fundamentals of Fluid -Dynamics

Part Four. Molecular Forces and States of Aggregation of Matter
(Problems 55| Solutions 201| Answers and Hints 314)
20. Solids
21. Liquids
22. Vapours
23. Phase Transitions

Part Five. Electrodynamics
(Problems 61| Solutions 211| Answers and Hints 315)
24. A Field of Fixed Charges in a Vacuum
25. Dielectrics
26. Direct Current
27. A Magnetic Field in a Vacuum
28. Charges and Currents in a Magnetic Field
29. Magnetic Materials
30. Electromagnetic Induction
31. Classical Electron Theory
32. Electrical Conductivity of Electrolytes
33. Electric Current in a Vacuum and in Gas

Part Six. Vibrations and Waves
(Problems 87| Solutions 245| Answers and Hints 320)
34. Harmonic Vibrations
35. Free Vibrations
36. Forced Vibrations. Alternating Current
37. Elastic Waves
38. Interference and Diffraction
39. Electromagnetic Waves
40. Interference and Diffraction of Light
41. Dispersion and Absorption of Light
42. Polarization of Light
43. Geometrical Optics
44. Optical Instruments

Part Seven. Fundamentals of Quantum Physics
(Problems 110| Solutions 281| Answers and Hints 324)
45. Photons
46. Elementary Quantum Mechanics
47. Atomic and Molecular Structure
48. Quantum Properties of Metals and of Semiconductors

Part Eight. Nuclear and Elementary Particle Physics
(Problems 119| Solutions 299| Answers and Hints 327)
49. Nuclear Structure
50. Nuclear Reactions

Tables 329

1. Astronomical Data
2. Mechanical Properties of Solids
3. Thermal Properties of Solids
4. Properties of Liquids
5. Properties of Gases
6. Electrical Properties of Materials (20 °C)
7. Velocity of Sound (Longitudinal Waves)
8. Refractive Indexes
9. Masses of Some Neutral Atoms (amu)
10. Fundamental Physical Constants

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