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Xeroxmorphs in Dittoland the medley edition | dreamkatcha

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Xeroxmorphs in Dittoland the medley edition

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Author: dreamkatcha

Added by: dreamkatcha

Added Date: 2020-07-28

Publication Date: 2020-07-28

Language: eng

Subjects: Amiga, Fighting Warriors, Batdog, public domain, Chronic the Hodge Heg, Storm Eagle, The Cartoons, Sleepwalker, Super Raid, Atlantyda, Xenon III, Smash TV: The Rip-Off, Aardvarks, Astrokid in the Battle of Planet Funk, Dithell in Space, Forest Dumb Forever, Miki, Quackers, Star Boy, Watchtower

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There were so many cheap knock-off games on the Amiga vying for a slice of a recognisable franchise's cache that if I dedicated a separate article to each of them something, something, unworkable etc. Instead, allow me to present my far more digestible rip-off roundup. Shockingly enough, not all examples are taken from the public domain realm. Some actually had a price tag!
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