SMEG – The Philosophy Behind the Brand

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There is no reason that a kitchen appliance has to lack style, at least according to Italian design company SMEG. SMEG has been an innovator in kitchen appliance technology, by employing unique design concept into their line of refrigerators, free standing cookers and washing machines for over half a century.

SMEG is an Italian company that was began in 1948 by its founder Vittoria Bertazzoni. Bertazzoni wanted to create appliances that would not only function well, but would add style and design to the modern kitchen. He wanted to create art out of mundane objects, and this he accomplished. He took the refrigerator, a common household kitchen appliance, and turned it into an icon that has won over the hearts of housewives around the world.

The philosophy of SMEG fridges is ‘Tecnologia che arreda’. Technology with style is indeed what SMEG is all about. There was an idea in the early 20th century that useful items did not need to be stylish or artful. However, Bertazzoni was a renegade designer who wanted to bring an iconic style to the household kitchen. SMEG philosophy is to bring quality and art back into the field of manufacturing. All too often, we see manufacturers designing based on how cheap they can get their product made, without caring about its lasting quality or aesthetics. A fridge from SMEG is not only a stylish fridge; it is also a high quality appliance that is built to last generations.

SMEG refrigerators began their fame by offering a sleek design concept that included a built in freezer and came in a variety of off-beat colors, including pastels and bright hues. Today you can find SMEG refrigerators in red, black, baby blue, lavender, and even in the design of the Union Jack. SMEG fridges are can also be ordered in either a left or right opening door hinge, so you can customize your SMEG to your kitchen.

Having SMEG makes a statement about the owner, that they not only appreciate quality in their appliances, but value style as well. Choosing an iconic SMEG fridge for your next appliance purchase might even help you to save money on eating out, since you will be inspired to spend more time in the kitchen.

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