The "Do Do" Philosophy (No Procrastination)

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Ivy Lee, the efficiency expert made lists as his way of dealing with procrastination. There are certain things we need to organize if we genuinely want to get them done, right down to shopping lists and laundry. I get it. So, when I write about the “do do” philosophy, I am writing about the opposite of the “do not do until later philosophy” right down to not realistically finishing everything of importance that we start and doing everything putting our whole heart, mind and spiritual power into it. My point is that all deadlines, objectives, and goals are really created by ourselves to prioritize reality. I know, that sounds somewhat redundant, but, I am reiterating a reality that works for all equally, if you put something important off, you have to do it later and more intensely with more mistakes probably because you are rushing to do it right, and in time to make a deadline. I am mentioning here sort of a “Murphy’s Law” of reality that works for everything in reality, that is why I am ‘hitting you redundantly’.

However you do it, life is a system of priorities when properly lived. When improperly lived, “you will do it later”. The ultimate weakness in reality is “I will do it later, avoid it now, although it is of importance”. Sure, all of this is genuine “do do” reading, but it should remind you that priorities are priorities and they do need to be taken care of.

I read this book by Roy Herbert Jarrett or “RHJ”, called “It Works”, it says basically what I am saying only in a kinder, just as concise, but gentler way, still with the lists and all. I am saying that in life, to make it to where you want to go, you must have a pure “do” philosophy, not an “I will do it later philosophy” or now is always better than later, especially if you really want to get things done readily. I cannot say this in enough realistic ways that “punch through the mess” so to write, because reality is only measured by what we realistically do, not by what we “preach”, “pontificate” or say we are going to do. What we do is the genuine “company store”, to quote a line from a famous “Tennessee” Ernie Ford song called “Sixteen Tons”, what we say we are going to do is the ultimate unwritten book or promissory note for potential realities are not fulfillment, fulfilled realities are fulfillment without question or we all must do more than train if we want to win anything worthwhile.


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