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Building Your Resiliency

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Building Your Resiliency
Original Title Building Your Resiliency
Author Brett McKay
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Topics Resiliency
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How did you do on the hardihood quiz? (see end of section for the quiz)
Not so hot? Well join the club.
There are a lot of virtues lacking in the current generation of men, but I
think an argument can be made that our lack of resiliency is the most critical.
And I say that as a man who has himself struggled to live this virtue.
In law school, I engaged in a pathetic routine each semester. After finishing
my finals, I would initially feel pretty confident in how I did. But then I
would sit and think about the exams in detail, remembering questions that
I missed, issues that I failed to raise.
My confidence would quickly evaporate, replaced by a sense of utter
doom and despair. I would become convinced that I had gotten a C or even
failed the test. I wouldn’t get my grades back for several weeks, but I would
spend that time in a state my wife called “logging out,” which, as the name
suggests, involved me laying on the couch like a depressed log.
When my grades would finally come in, I would be relieved to find I
hadn’t flunked out, Kate would chide me for my irrational behavior, and I
would swear that I wouldn’t waste my time doing that again. But come finals
time the next semester, the The Log Man would make another appearance.
I was in serious need of some resiliency. And I still am. So I decided to do
some research on the subject and share it with others who might be struggling
to be resilient too.
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